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i have what looks like a liege,says fabrique nationale herstal,made in belgium,it has the browning logo on the trigger guard & a browning recoil pad,the serial # is L43RNo1932,can anyone tell me what year & alittle history on it?thanks for your time,

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Hello Bill

You can start by telling us what you are talking about. Is this a rifle, a shotgun, what?
With the L in the serial number, I'm suspecting a rifle, but you simply don't say. If it's a rifle, please tell us the type of action.

By the way, "Liege" is the name of a city in Belgium. FN is the manufacturer, and that company did make guns for Browning. It made lots of guns under its own label as well, and many of them were on Browning patents.


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hi jp,this is a 12 ga. shotgun,o/u,the choke markings on the barrel are the same browning uses,*full,*-im,,the forearm is the same type that the liege used,the browning has a lever to unlock,this has the botton that you kind of roll backwards to unlock,but they had liege & browning names on the bottom of the reciever,this just has the browning logo on the tigger guard, starting to think that FN had some browning parts left over that they used?thanks for your time,bill

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