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Browning Fabrique National D'Armes De Guerre Herstal Belcique. I have this gun and I want to sell it but I have no clue what the value of it is. It has all the Nazi insignia on it 3 of them with the talon on the left slide of the gun. Also on the barrel of the gun. Two clips with FN on them. Also it has a little stamped (MR) or something like that on the left side just above the trigger. I have no use for this gun and want to know what it is worth. Does anyone have any insight on this weapon? It's a .32 and there is no triangle on the back of the gun. Although on the barrel just were the round ejects there is some Nazi stamp and just after that there is this weird almost Arabic looking stamp that looks like a a half rainbow. Anyone know anything about these guns?

Here is what I know: It is a Browning 1922 model, looks like a WWII production, and at the end of the numbers on the right side of the trigger is #44586a .. It also has some Wa..140 under all the little Nazi stamps.

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I also have a pistol that matches the description below only the serial # 177243 as marked on the ejector ,slide and frame. Not sure the cal is 32 though, maybe .765. The clip holds 9 rounds. What do I have?

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You have an FN Model 1922 made during the German occupation of Belgium as indicated by the WaA140 stamps on the left side of the pistol. It is in .32 ACP or 7.65mm Browning.

The markings on visible on the barrel sound like standard Nazi eagle and Belgian proofs marks. Does that Arabic stamp look like <<>>----- or so ? If so this is the Perron proof, of Belgium, part of the proofing process indicting the barrel passed inspection. The 'MR' is a common stamp on the 1922 wartime pistols, probably an inspection stamp but unknown at this time.

With that serial nr. we can date the pistol to about the summer of 1943.


Your pistol shares much of the history of the other but because you did not include more details I cannot say for sure whether or not it is a wartime production or pre-war by many years.

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I also have the same gun with the three stamps but in a 9 mm chamber. I have shot the gun many times and it shoots very well.

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