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I have a Browning 1922 32 auto, the gun fires great. There is some sort of bird stamped very small on the gun & from what i read its a old Nazi side pistol the numbers on the side of the gun read: 40458c & at the end of the gun near the barrel read 0458c, there is also a "MK" stamped towards the top half of the trigger guard. could someone please give me some history & the value on this gun? thank you

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Found this in ref. to the 1922 FN:

History: The Browning Model 1922 is an interesting pistol that is under appreciated in the United States. It was a modification of the Model 1910. The M1910 is the gun that started WWI when members of the Black Hand assassinated Arch Duke Ferdinand and Princess Sophie in Serbia. The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes (Yugoslavia) asked Fabrique Nationale to extend the M1910s barrel, slide, and lengthen the grip thus allowing two more rounds in the magazine. This customer modification became the M1922 and was THE European pistol of the 1920-30s. The very first ones were delivered to Yugoslavia in 1923-1925. The pistol was contracted by numerous countries and manufactured until the early 80s. Calibers were 32 ACP and 380 ACP. See note on calibers:


9x17=9mm Browning Short=9mm Kurz=380ACP

One of the best features of the M1922 is the lack of interest in the US. Yes, this is a goofy looking pistol, but once you get used to its long snout, you will like the balance and the function of this European mainstay. Lack of American interest means low prices as well. There are many out there to be had in the $300 range and most were not imported; they were bought back by American WWII soldiers who liberated them from the Germans. The M1922 definitely belongs in any WWII gun collection as they were used extensively by the Luftwaffe, German Government, SS, and partisans. There is not a lot of information out there about the various varieties, but the following chart attempts to capture what is known.

Without seeing it, or a more concise description that's about all I can find. Prices I found ranged from $250-600 depending on model at 95% condition.


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