Belgium Browning 16ga (A5)

3 years ago #1
Bob Bacchus

I have a Browning 16 ga, single barrell, automatic shotgun. It's likely an A5. Data from the gun is as follows:
-Single barrell
-metal bead
-Barrel text: "Browning Arms Company Ogden Utah"
-Barrel text: "modified 16 special steel"
-Barrel text: "made in belgium"
-Barrel text: "2&3/4"
-Receiver text,left side: "fabrique mationale d'armes de guerre herstal belgique"
-Receiver bottom: FN 79158 (with small "j" under number)
-Walnut stock and handle
-Butt plate text: Browning Automatic with FN in middle
-non-gold trigger
-push/pull slide safety
-gun is heavy
-5 shot (wood plug included)

Inherited this from my grandfather. He was a Colonel in the Air Corp and he was in Europe during WWII.

When was it built..?

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