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ballpark value of winchester US model 1917 ser # 429193 very good condition, shoots, smooth bolt action, very acurate no bayonet or shoulder strap. it does have the tool/clean kit in it. any help would be appreciated. thanks..... Kim

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I cut and pasted this from Wikipedia:
The U.S. Model of 1917 Winchester is a Model 1917 Enfield Military Rifle manufactured from 1917 - 1918, in this case, by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company of New Haven CT.

It is a modified Mauser-type bolt action rifle chambered in 30-06. It has a 26� barrel, 5-shot box magazine, adjustable rear site, and blade front site, supported by a military type stock with a semi-pistol grip. Weight is 9.25 pounds.

It was designed after the English .303 caliber P14 Enfield (Pattern 14) that was being manufactured in the U.S at the time for the British government by three gun U.S. manufacturers: Winchester Repeating Arms Company of New Haven CT, Remington Arms Company of Ilion NY, and Remington Arms Company of DE (actually located in Eddystone PA, later the Midvale Steel & Ordnance Company).

In 1917, the U.S. Government contracted with these three firms to manufacture the same rifle for the U.S. armed forces, only chambered in 30-06. Over 2 million were produced, with the majority surplused (not distributed for service). None were made after WWI, but the U.S. later supplied over 1 million of this surplus of these rifles to Britain during WWII.

My father bought one from an NRA (or similar) surplus sale in 1947 for $11 (yes, eleven dollars). We still own the gun, and here in 2005, I'd rate it an honest 75%. It still shoots well.

The 2002 BBGV rates this gun as follows (add 10% if a Winchester manufacture): 100% $700 . . . 98% $600 . . . 95% $500 . . . 90% $400 . . . 80% $350 . . . 70% $315 . . . 60% $265

Hope this helps

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thank you 2bit ... the info was greatly appreciated!!

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If it's still blued it's worth more - many were parkerized when rebuilt early in WW2. Barrel being WRA also helps a lot.

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Take it to a local gun shop and ask what they would give you for it. double that and you have an approximate value for your rifle. They will check the rifle out as a plus! Your out of luck if the head space is past a certain gauge.

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