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What is the value of a Colt AR-15 preban nib and a used one used once for target practice?

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the ar market right now is out of hand ! everybody wants one ..the colts are traditionally the best market wise,,but soooo many people are making them that not alot of people want to spend the extra bucks for a colt model,,but i'd say you nib model pre ban would be worth 1500-2500 and the used one proably 1200-1500,,BUT heres the problem ..i see alot of ar varients come and go at gun shows and with so many out there the market is really slow and they can really be slow movers unless priced cheap(under 900),,
just my observations on them..since the first of the year the prices have really jumped up..everybody thinks there gonna be banned ,,tryu doing a search over on gunbrokers .com and see how many hit ya get ,,you'll proably be amazed how many varients are out there and what some people think there worth..

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