7.62 X 54r m91 32337 1942 mosin-nagant daistalbvt

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i would like to know the approximate value of this gun it is graded in good to very good condition as full wood stock the above information is all i could find on the gun

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hello,,i'll say you have a model 91/30 mosin nagant,,does the front site have a hood? the markings your proably seeing are import marks and i beleive your reading cai st.alb,vt ,,which is= century arms international st albany vermont,,it sounds like the long barreled rifle model,,there are alot of these in country still and have been imported for some time now,,there are 2 basic manufactures for the mosin md 91/30's tula models will have a large star on the receiver ivchez models will have a triangle with an arrow inside it ,,most collectors like the tulas over the izzies,,but values for either one are pretty low ,,there still available i beleive from some distributors in shotgun news for around 80-100 bucks ,,,and these will be matching numbered guns with acc's ,,used prices should be around the same as the distributors are getting for them,,i see dealers selling them for 125-200 but i don't even give them a second look at those prices ,,i'd say don't pay much more than 125 for really nice ones unless they may be ex sniper rifles.. then without the scopes don't pay more than 200 for verified x-snipers ,,

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