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I was cleaning out my grandfathers house and came upon a Belgium Browning 12 gauge light with a serial number of 302113 and was wondering if anyone could tell me what the value of it might be? I know nothing of guns so any assistance would be appreciated.

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It all depends on the condition. Is the bluing worn, or signs of rust (even slight). Is the wood solid without cracks, scratches or gouges? Does it shoot? If it looks like its in truly excellent shape you might get $500.00 at an auction, less for private sale maybe $400.00. There are millions of these out there so they aren't scarce, unless they are really nice shape.

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hello,,i'd say the above number are very low for a browning a-5 made in belgium..especially if in any condition above 50%,,check on gunbrokers.com and do a search for "browning" and see what some of the browning autoloaders are selling for ,,last time I checked it was hard to find anything under 800,,and most were priced at around 1000,,but asking and selling prices are sometimes overinflated ,,but i really don't know the last time i saw one for under 600 at shows or in a gunshop..

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