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Has a 1908 detachable magazine so the mag is newer than the gun. Mag is stamped SLLR, but from what I have learned, that does not mean the gun is compatible for the same. Octagon barrel, 24 inches long, original stock. This gun may have been factory rebarrelled at some point with a 1914 barrel attached to the original base but I am not certain and cannot get that confirmed. Stored well, some pitting, very little rust if any. Is for sale. Thank you in advance for your help!

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That's a very cool gun. One of the very few non-tubular pump .22s ever made.

The Model 1903 was a slide action repeater with a detachable magazine chambered for .22 Short, Long and Long Rifle cartridges. The octagon barrel was 24" long with open sights and had a blued finish. The pistol-grip stock and grooved slide handle were walnut.

The Savage Model 1903 was made from about 1903-1922.

They came originally with a seven shot magazine. Your magazine is from a later model, but that does not mean the magazine is newer than the gun. The 1903 is the model number, not the year of production.

The magazines are interchangeable, and some 1903's may have shipped with 1908 magazines.

Recent sales on Gunbroker have closed between $225 and $440. Note that the high price was for an NRA excellent gun, no rust, no pitting 95% of the original blueing intact.

There has been one gun which has not met reserve bid as high as $990, but that gun is "near mint" - perfect wood, perfect original blueing, edges sharp, etc...

Your gun would probably range from $250 to $300.

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Andrew Bryant

I just inhereited a 1903 Savage Pump Repeater. Do you know where I can fin a magazine for it?

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gunbroker.com,midwayusa,numric,ebay,keepshooting.com or order it in from your local gun store

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I have 8 of these clips, are they worth any money, was told $100.00 per clip, does that sound realistic? They all read 1908, and I know where they came from.

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calicokid wrote:
I have 8 of these clips, are they worth any money, was told $100.00 per clip, does that sound realistic? They all read 1908, and I know where they came from.

First thing, you have 4 or 5 posts on various thread about the same thing under either calicokid or Bill - it's not good practice to add on to an old thread, especially if it's several years old - the participants may no longer be active on this site and active members will be less likely to look thinking it's something they already have seen. Start ONE new thread with your question (multiple thread about the same thing are against the rules).

Now regarding the magazines - originals are quite common, two were shipped with each 1903 and Savage made extras were available for years - often guns will be found with several extra magazines. Last year there were 6 active on eBay at the same time and at least one or two listed every month. Today three just ended on eBay - these were basically the same magazine as your but two were earlier and did not have the 1908 patent date (same magazine though) and one was stamped for the 1912 automatic - these are the same as your other than being stamped different and the fit & function is the same. Two had reserves and did not sell -
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Savage-1903-Magazine-Factory- Orig-Rare-1-/371248364790

This is the one marked for the '22 AUTOMATIC 22 LONG RIFLE ONLY', it brought a much better price - http://www.ebay.com/itm/181653570540

I collect the guns that take these and I will usually buy any magazine I can find for $50 max shipped - I just looked at my records and I bought 7 last year with the average cost of $41.62 and this average included a very early & scare one in 22 SHORT only, that I paid $102.50 for (shipped), take that one out & the others average $31.50 but I got a couple for under $20 which is way below what they should bring - $50 is a better average. Are any of yours in 22 SHORT? Here's another in 22 SHORT, I should have waited and not bought that one last year...http://www.ebay.com/itm/251821413944 )

In 2013 they were bringing more, and before that they often would bring $100 & more (seen a couple bring over $200 when two bidders got going at each other), but very few seem to bring that much now, even back then you could still find a few for under $50 if you were patient.

I would take them to who ever told you they are worth $100 & tell them they can have them all for that - their estimate of actual value might drop significantly if you did that.

Remember something is only worth what someone will pay for it, and that varies from year to year, day to day and sometimes even minute to minute.
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i may be interested in a mag or two
contact me

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All sold. Thanks

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