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Tin Soldier

I just bought a Springfield Krag 1899 at an auction. It looks to be a carbine model, made in 1899. Missing the top wood handguard. The bore is excellent, the bolt is nice and tight. No cracks or repairs to the stock. Everything looks to be original. I would like to know what the value range is? I paid $300.

And, how could I get that top wooden handguard?

Pics attached.


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Check the marking carefully. I think you'll find it's "1898" and not "1899." Serial is out of range for it to be an 1899 carbine.

So the bad news is it's not an 1899 carbine - it's a cut-down 1898 rifle. Good news is at $300 you did fine.

Rear sight is on backwards.
Handguard will set you back $100.
Barrel has been shortened and an M-1903 front sight used. M-1903 sights have bands whereas Krag sights are dovetailed right into the barrel.
Stock is a cut-down rifle stock.

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