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S&W Victory Model by JP@AK
A .38 Special Victory Model
Today, December 7, 2016, marks the 75th Anniversary of the Japanese Navy's attack on U.S. military bases in Hawaii (I note in passing that the assault was broader than merely Pearl Harbor, which gets nearly all the public attention). On this ...
How do you remove the cylinder of a High Standard police or western style revolver? by Two Old Dogs
High Standard Manufacturing Company produced the police style Sentinel revolver and western style Durango, Double Nine, Longhorn, Natchez, Hombre, High Sierra, Posse and Marshall revolvers in the period 1955-1984. In addition to the regular ...

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We have added three sets of links to useful resources on the blog editor.First, we have added a recommended reading list which we strongly advise anyone who post blogs to read. ...
by admin - 14 hours ago
JP@AK wrote: bjornolf wrote: I've got A684001See? That illustrates the problem. I think the second digit is a 9 and am very unsure that the third digit is a 4, although I believe it is.
by bjornolf - 4 minutes ago
Will do
by CarolUK - 8 minutes ago
A user on shotgun world sight unseen with just specs, informed me that he believes the gun to have no value at all, $100 would be a reach was his exact comment!?
by AceMedic - 13 minutes ago
I have a 1967/68 5 digit serial 6 inch, blue steel in original box and less than 50 rounds fired?
by Guest - 16 minutes ago
Moved to the Marlin Category.
by Two Old Dogs - 18 minutes ago
Please post detailed pictures of both sides of the gun, both sides and top and bottom of the receiver area and readable, close-ups of ALL markings including the barrel flats, barrel ...
by Two Old Dogs - 24 minutes ago

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