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.32 Rim Fire Cartridges by Two Old Dogs
Photo by EnglishGent There were, actually, five different .32 Rim Fire cartridges that were used in American made firearms in the period circa 1860-circa 1970. 1. .32 Extra Short cartridge
What does Trump mean for the Second Amendment? by Vale
When everyone thought that Hilary Clinton might win the Presidency, gun sales spiked. But now that Trump has become President, what does that mean for those in the firearm industry, the gun owning public, and, most importantly, the Second ...

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Hello, Serial number 571781 does corresponds to production during 1915. Michael
by 2bit - 1 minute ago
I'm trying to find some information on my grandfathers Marlin rifle. It is a 336CS with a serial number of Z30179. I would like to know when it was manufactured, its approx. worth (prob an ...
by Keith - 6 minutes ago
Thank you for your help!
by H & R Revolver - 27 minutes ago
Many if not most vintage muzzle loaders will not have a serial number. I do not have any reference for a C.W. Farrell gunsmith. Hopefully another GVB member may have more information. ...
by Rob62 - 1 hour ago
a friend has a 410 single shot shot gun gauha-iga imp by stoeger inc s hackensack nj wondering how old it is
by john - 1 hour ago
I will attach a photo tomarrow when I can get better lighting for more detail...... thank you for your reply :) something else I forgot to mention is that this gun appears to have come ...
by Diane - 1 hour ago
Thanks for your time and help
by David Davila - 1 hour ago

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