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How do you remove the cylinder of a High Standard police or western style revolver? by Two Old Dogs
High Standard Manufacturing Company produced the police style Sentinel revolver and western style Durango, Double Nine, Longhorn, Natchez, Hombre, High Sierra, Posse and Marshall revolvers in the period 1955-1984. In addition to the regular ...
Pictures and Information Needed to Appraise your German Military Rifle by DAK
2 Full Right.jpg
In order to give you an accurate value on your German Military rifle, I need pictures like the examples shown here. World War II ended in 1945, and the rifles in use during the war have been through a lot of history. Some were rebuilt during the ...
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Great! Thanks.
by Blackjack33 - 10 hours ago
Thanks for the images! Actually all the images you guys suggested looks quite good and it's hard to choose from. If anyone has more images he'd like to suggest, we'd be happy to see them. ...
by admin - 1 day ago
It's not the white gold. It has a gold trigger. I'll get some pictures and post them.
by hank - 4 minutes ago
Safe loads for a new markwell .45 cal. percussion rifle in great shape.
by Kasey Cash - 4 minutes ago
Hi my friends father bought a model 61 years ago and wants to give it away to me. Do i have to do a transfer or did doj even require registering back in the day.
by Guest - 6 minutes ago
Have winchester 22 shortlong pump round barrel peepsite model 05. Pat jan 29 1901 also has 245996 and 247089 b good cond what is its value
by Guest - 37 minutes ago

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