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What is my gun worth? Here is the serial number... by Bert H.
Need a price quote for a Dodge Ram truck 2005.... My question is identical to your question... You told us nothing about the gun that can be used to determine what it is worth. The serial number only tells us when the gun was manufactured. To ...
What is the difference between the following cartridges: .38 special, .38WCF, and a .357/.38? by two old dogs
When used in reference to a revolver, the term ".38" could refer to any one of 15 or more different cartridges, and, therefore, must be considered a generic term. .38 Special The .38 Special is a rimmed cartridge with a cartridge case 1.16" in ...
Flobert Rifles and Pistols by two old dogs

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I wondered the same thing, Rob. However, this is a four year old post. It is showing up now because Mickey is cleaning up the categories. This one was placed in the Winchester category ...
by JP@AK - 1 hour ago
I went to gunbroker.com, and it looks to me like just a buy/sell guns/rifles site, but not parts. I'm on dialup so didn't go into any site on the list. I don't know what you mean by ...
by sommerscove - 1 hour ago
Thanks Bert. I have the solid frame in picture. I had read Joe Poyers book and it made it sound like all riot guns had the band style in the top photo.
by ctc649 - 1 hour ago
Well, it just maybe. And if it was a gun, it was awfully cheap price, even for 1992. You can delete it, and thank you very kindly.
by Winchester 94 - 2 hours ago
Made in New Haven Ct. U.S. of America Winchester Proof Steel Winchester Trademark Model 64-30-30 WIN- Serial #197xxxx. I believe its the carbine, I will check the barrel length. Any ...
by Guest - 2 hours ago
Hello, I am on the last few days of a fishing trip in Belize right now. I will take a closer look at them over the weekend and get back to you. Please nudge me if you do not hear back. ...
by 2bit - 2 hours ago
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