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Smokeless Powder or Black Powder; Which Type of Ammunition is Safe in My Revolver? by Two Old Dogs
Roger Bacon discovers gun powder, image By Edgar Wilson "Bill" Nye [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons . In search of an elixir to prolong life, an obscure Chinese Alchemist circa 850 BC mixed charcoal, sulfur and ...
Confusion about the Stevens Visible Loader Model 71 designation by GeneB
There is good reason for a little confusion on the Model 71 Visible Loader. In the early years of production, the 71 was a cataloged model number to signify special sight sets - this consisted of a tang sight, a single leaf folding rear and a ...

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Cap size number 10 and powder load is 16g but I use 20g more powerful but it's what you are comfortable with and Cabela's sells the balls 12.99for 100balls
by shooter - 19 minutes ago
I have a Savage model840 30 30 serial number 170835.what is it worth?
by Guest - 19 minutes ago
Ben, That sounds like a good plan. Keep it just like it is and with the explicit instructions that it never be altered. History, even if it is just family history, is a far greater ...
by 2bit - 22 minutes ago
One Mark is or Stamp is “12GA CHOKE” there is a serial number A429882. http://www.gunvaluesboard.com/im
by Grandpa Ray - 32 minutes ago
SetPoint wrote: The pistol looks original including the finish except for the grips which were replaced. Could you post a photo of any magazines that you have with it?"........and tell us ...
by Blackjack33 - 42 minutes ago
Hello, Your rifle was manufactured during 1979. Depending on how well you have cared for it the rifle is worth some place between $100 and $350. More if somebody is trying to kick in the ...
by 2bit - 48 minutes ago
It's one of those spanish or belgium copies of the saa.
by love_old_colts - 49 minutes ago

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