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Howard Arms Company by two old dogs
Howard Arms Company Howard Arms Company was a trade name used by Sears, Roebuck and Company of Chicago, IL. Handguns (and shotguns) labeled Howard Arms Company were made by Meriden Fire Arms Company, a Sears subsidiary in the period 1905 to 1918. There are no records available to give a more exact date. Howard Arms marked single barrel shotguns were also made by Crescent Fire Arms Company and ...

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Hi everyone,We have decided to add mobile support for the current version, in parallel to progressing with the new version. We have made this decision, as more and more users are arriving ...
by admin - 2 days ago
I am hoping someone has some experience with Colt DA 41. I have a Colt DA 41 pistol given to me by my grandfather. It has the PAT marking "AUG 5 84 NOV 6 88 MAR 5 95." Other's on this site ...
by Idaho328 - 26 minutes ago
Thank you,
by FlyingCowboy57 - 26 minutes ago
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by FlyingCowboy57 - 29 minutes ago
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by FlyingCowboy57 - 31 minutes ago
I have 2 Amadeo Rossi Mod. 62sa SS 1 is all SS with black trigger,hammer, sights and tube rings and the other all SS both shoot the 22s/22l/22lr. Im going to sell one, both are in 98- 99% ...
by imntxs564 - 45 minutes ago
The J. Stevens Arms And Tool Company No. 44 1/2 was made between 1904 and 1916. New England Westinghouse purchased J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company in July 1916 and changed the name to J. ...
by two old dogs - 47 minutes ago
I forgot to mention they both shoot the 22s/22l/22lr Does that make a difference ?
by Guest - 1 hour ago
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