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.38 S&W Special standard velocity and +P cartridges by JP@AK
The original Hydra-Shok cartridge produced in the 1970s by Scorpion is shown on the left. This ammunition was loaded to standard pressures. On the right is the newer Federal Hydra-Shok made after Federal acquired the rights to the patent and name. ...
“Colt” or “Colt’s” – Which is it? by JP@AK
Colts Police Positive Special
It is common today for people to refer to all guns manufactured by Colt Industries or its predecessor companies as “Colt” firearms. This is not truly accurate. A brief history will explain. Samuel Colt was a major figure in the ...
.32 Rim Fire Cartridges by Two Old Dogs

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That just brings you HERE. I thought you said you posted on the SW Forum, as I suggested in Post #2 above. Here is the link I provided: http://smith-wessonforum.com/s-w-antiques/ Go there ...
by JP@AK - 1 minute ago
What type of set are you referring to, some type of commemorative such as the Bella Wood, etc.
by Blackjack33 - 32 minutes ago
Ok thank you. That's what I was thinking. Other than some bluing missing near the muzzle the gun is in excellent condition. Appreciate the response. Dave
by DaveG - 1 hour ago
i have a 308 savage lever action gold trigger model 99 m serial number 1167874
by Guest - 2 hours ago
I have a 1986 Marlin Firearm Model 600, OLA 22 LR Micro Grove Barrel, It belong to my son (who has passed away) and would like to know the worth. Can give serial number if that would help
by Guest - 2 hours ago
And do you have a specific question in mind for each of them? If you are looking for a value estimate, you will need to post a set of clear detailed pictures of each gun (in separate topic ...
by Bert H. - 2 hours ago
Numrich is a dealer in used gun parts. Also Jack First.
by UP - 2 hours ago

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